MSN - AP World MSN - AP World Copyright © 2010-2018 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved. Thu, 09 Feb 2023 07:01:53 +0000 Kremlin-backed vote in Russian-held Ukraine bf93a3170dbf4ad3924539b7a8fe8354 Thu, 29 Sep 2022 11:42:02 +0000 SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY: PART NO ACCESS RUSSIAASSOCIATED PRESS  Moscow, Russia – 27 September 20221. Wide of polling station, voters coming in and sitting down at registration deskHEADLINE: Kremlin-backed votes in Russia-held Ukraine 2. Voters being registered ANNOTATION: Ukrainians in Russia-held territories and in Russia were asked whether they want their regions to become part of Russia.3. Elena Gudkova casting ballot4. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Elena Gudkova, resident of Luhansk:"I really want all this to end already, and I want to be part of Russia. I don't want to be under this, so to say, yoke of the Ukrainian people."RU-RTR - NO ACCESS RUSSIAZaporizhzhia, Ukraine (Russian-occupied) - 27 September 20225. Various of officials organizing ballotsANNOTATION: Pro-Russia administrations in the four regions in southern and eastern Ukraine claimed that residents had voted to join Russia. ANNOTATION: The Kremlin's appointed officials also asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to incorporate their provinces into Russia.LEONID PASECHNIK HANDOUTLuhansk – 28 September 20226. Moscow-appointed head of Luhansk region Leonid Pasechnik signing request to join Russia ++MUTE/4:3++7. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Leonid Pasechnik, Moscow-appointed head of Luhansk region: ++16:9++"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich (Russian President Vladimir Putin), I'm addressing you on behalf of the people of the Luhansk region. Considering the Republic's residents' approval of the referendum decision, I ask you to consider the Luhansk People's Republic joining Russia as a territorial entity of the Russian Federation."ASSOCIATED PRESSMoscow, Russia – 28 September 20228. Various of KremlinANNOTATION: Western countries dismissed the vote as a meaningless pretense staged by Moscow.STORYLINE:  Moscow-appointed administrations of occupied regions of southern and eastern Ukraine said Tuesday night that their residents voted to join Russia in five days of balloting the U.S. and its Western allies have dismissed as illegitimate. According to Russia-installed election officials, 93% of the ballots cast in the Zaporizhzhia region supported annexation, as did 87% in the Kherson region, 98% in the Luhansk region and 99% in Donetsk.Russia-installed officials in those occupied regions said Wednesday they would ask President Vladimir Putin to incorporate them into Russia.===========================================================Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. Kremlin-backed vote in Russian-held Ukraine