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He would kind of just float in to, in and around a lot of different people, and he was kind-hearted."++WHITE FLASH++4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Curtis Chapman, Youth Ministry Leader:"You know, my son a lot of older guys he'd look up to as a young kid, try to be a great skateboarder. And Tyre was one of those guys."5. Wide of skateboard ramp at parkMEMPHIS POLICE DEPARTMENT Memphis, Tennessee - 7 January 20236.Surveillance video of police officers striking Nichols on the ground ++MUTE++ ASSOCIATED PRESSSacramento, California - 27 January 20237. SOUNDBITE: (English) Curtis Chapman, Youth Ministry Leader:I think the difficult thing is just like it's so unexpected, right? Like, you think like, well, you know, I mean, you would expect it in some cases but with Tyre, it was just out of nowhere. And so I think we were all kind of shocked. And so we're texting each other as a family and sharing pictures and memories. And, um, it's just hard to. He is way too young."++WHITE FLASH++8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Peggy Chapman, Youth Ministry Leader"The fact that Tyre would take the time to spend time with younger kids and he just was likable and sweet."9. Mid of skateboard ramp.10. SOUNDBITE (English) Curtis Chapman, Youth Ministry Leader:"He just had a quick wit about him, so he's just made a lot of people laugh. And so a lot of my memories are centered around his, he's just a magnet to people. It was very easy for him to have a fit in our youth ministry because, you know, it's like it's very simple math for us is just love God, and love people. And that came natural to Tyre to I read a love God and love people. So my memories are always just his talents and his ability to have open arms for anybody who came along his way."STORYLINE:People who spent time with Tyre Nichols remember his wit, his easy going nature, and perhaps most of all, his smile.Nichols, a 29-year-old father, was on his way home from taking pictures of the sky on Jan. 7, when police pulled him over. He was just a few minutes from the home he shared with his mother and stepfather, when he was killed in what authorities have described as a brutal attack by five Memphis police officers, who have since been charged with second-degree murder and other offenses. Growing up in Sacramento, Nichols spent much of his time at a skate park on the outskirts of the city. It could be a rough place sometimes for younger kids. But when Niko Chapman was 10-years-old, his parents would let him walk to the park alone as long as they knew Nichols was there.Chapman's dad, Curtis Chapman, ran a youth group at a local church that would often meet at the skate park for pizza. Nichols quickly became a regular, bringing his energetic spirit and quick wit. But away from the group, Nichols would often show up at the Chapman's house to talk about life — including coming to grips with being a young parent. In Memphis, Nichols went to Starbucks every morning, and Nate Spates Jr. would hang out with him there. They chatted about sports or life. Nichols worked second shift at FedEx with his stepfather. Every day, they’d come home together on their break at 7 p.m., and his mother would have a meal waiting for them. When he wasn’t working, he went to the park to skateboard and take pictures.He was the baby of their family, born 12 years after his closest siblings. He had a 4-year-old son and worked hard to better himself as a father, his family said. He was an avid skateboarder from Sacramento, California, and came to Memphis just before the pandemic and got stuck. But he was fine with it because he was with his mother, and they were incredibly close, Wells said. He had her name tattooed on his arm. Friends at a memorial service this week described him as joyful and lovable. ===========================================================Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. Tyre Nichols remembered as 'likable, joyful'