MSN - AP World MSN - AP World Copyright © 2010-2018 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved. Sun, 24 Oct 2021 19:36:28 +0000 Biden touched by Kosovo's medal for late son Beau 6be530baa5f44152acf28e710b99d1be Sat, 31 Jul 2021 00:38:49 +0000 SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY:THE WHITE HOUSEWashington, DC - 30 July 20211. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President"This is incredible. And I want to thank the Republic of Kosovo for this medal. It's a great honor."  ++WHITE FLASH++2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President" You know Beau's work in Kosovo was heartfelt. He fell in love with the country." 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. PresidentFive years ago, I brought Natalie and Hunter, who are now getting pretty old, they're 15 and 16 years old, and my wife Jill, and the entire Biden family, my son, my daughter, to Kosovo for a ceremony that  named a highway in front of Camp Bondsteel in Beau's honor. It was deeply moving for us. ASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Sojevo, Kosovo - 17 August 2016. 4. Various STILLs of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and other family members walk along the national road named after his late son Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III.THE WHITE HOUSEWashington, DC - 30 Juy 20215. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President" As a lawyer with the United States Justice Department he volunteered to go to Kosovo, the Republic of Kosovo, to support your independence and your very new democracy and, above all, the rule of law. At the time, Kosovo still bore the fresh wounds of war and a justice system hollowed out by decades of totalitarian rule." 6. ANNOTATION: On Sunday, Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani will present posthumously the Presidential Medal on the Rule of Law to the late Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015. Biden helped strengthen the justice system in war-torn Kosovo following conflict in the late 1990s."  ASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Racak, Kosovo - 27 December 20007. STILL of an ethnic Albanian man prays at the grave of his family members during the ceremony marking the end of holy month of Ramadan 8. ANNOTATION: "The conflict was between ethnic Albanians on one hand, and ethnic Serbs and the government of Yugoslavia on the other." THE WHITE HOUSEWashington, DC - 30 Juy 20219. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President"That's why he was so committed to working with the people of Kosovo to make sure that war crimes were thoroughly investigated and professionally prosecuted."ASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Dover, Delaware - 11 August 201010. STILL of Beau Biden responding to a question during an interview with AP ++WHITE FLASH++THE WHITE HOUSEWashington, DC - 30 Juy 202111. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President" Beau helped create the training programs for local judges and prosecutors that would lay the groundwork for Kosovo's Judicial Institute, which is now the Academy of Justice. 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Biden, U.S. President"But Beau would be the first to tell you, as he told us, that he was just one of many dedicated people dedicated to the task, including many proud citizens of Kosovo. So accepting this award on behalf of our son, I also want to recognize and applaud the incredible progress Kosovo has made over the past 20 years. I've been there are a number of times and all the people who have worked tirelessly to build a brighter future that Beau believed it for the people of Kosovo."  ASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Danville, Kentucky - 11 October 201213. STILL of Beau Biden before the start of the vice presidential debate 14. ANNOTATION: "Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Most Western nations have recognized Kosovo, but Serbia and its allies Russia and China do not."ASSOCIATED PRESS ARCHIVE: Pristina, Kosovo - 31 May 201715. STILL of Kadri Veseli, leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, greets supporters during rally.ASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Kamenica, Kosovo - 10 February 202116. STILL of Avdullah Hoti, candidate for prime minister, at electoral rally in the town of Kamenica, KosovoASSOCIATED PRESSARCHIVE: Pristina, Kosovo - 17 July 201417. STILL of Kosovo lawmakers voting during the parliamentary session.18. ANNOTATION: "Kosovo is a multiparty democratic republic with parliamentary elections every four years."THE WHITE HOUSEWashington, DC - 30 Juy 2021"Again, on behalf of Natalie, my beautiful granddaughter, my handsome son and his brother Hunter and his sister Ashley, Jill and me, the entire Biden family want to thank you for this great honor." STORYLINE:U.S. President Joe Biden says he is touched by Kosovo's awarding of a medal to his late son Beau, who was in the Balkan country 20 years ago to help establish the rule of law there as it became independent from Yugoslavia.  In a pre-recorded speech published Friday on Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani's Facebook page, Biden said: “The nation of Kosovo is in the hearts of the entire Biden family.”  Osmani will host a ceremony Sunday to award a posthumous Presidential Medal on the Rule of Law to Beau Biden.  Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, a decade after a brutal 1998-1999 war between separatist ethnic Albanian rebels and Serb forces. The war ended after a 78-day NATO air campaign drove Serb troops out and a peacekeeping force moved in.  President Biden described the medal as “incredible” and “a great honor to recognize the legacy of our son.”  Beau Biden worked in Kosovo after the 1998-1999 war with the military forces and also with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.   He died in 2015 of brain cancer at age 46.  Most Western nations have recognized Kosovo, but Serbia and its allies Russia and China do not. 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